Making gender equality a reality.


Our members have spoken - gender equality can't wait!

Over the summer, Women Thrive Alliance members launched a global campaign for gender equality, #AchieveSDG5.

Why the United States’ Consideration to Defund the U.N. is a Bad Idea

Posted by Martijn Vermeersch

Even before taking office, President Trump disclosed that when it came to the U.N. things would be “different.” Over the last few weeks, we’ve been given a glimpse of what “different” might entail for the future of the 71-year-old international organization whose sole purpose is to uphold peace and security for all. 

“We have a responsibility to share our knowledge”: Getting to Know Women’s Rights Activists in Morocco and Tunisia

Posted by Noel Schroeder

A few days ago, I arrived at Dulles airport to a crowd of demonstrators cheering and waving signs with messages like “Muslims are loved!” and “Welcome ALL refugees, immigrants, and visitors!”. I was proud to see the continued support for people impacted by the U.S.

How Can We Call it “Freedom,” if We Don’t Include Women and Girls?

Posted by Rachel Hoorwitz

Do you ever wake up and wonder when “populism” became such a buzzword?

When Rights Are Violated Within The Family: The Case of Cameroon

Posted by Agar Nana Mbianda

Behind the violations of women and girls’ rights is another form of violence committed by the people with whom we should have complete confidence: our parents.