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Language Holds Power: Development, Jargon, and Who Gets to Listen to Whom

On Wednesday I attended a very interesting workshop at the UN NGO Conference. The title of it was How to Eliminate Jargon and Speak Plainly So People Will Listen. I went in full of hope that my discomfort with complicated words would now be able to hide behind this best practice of “speaking plainly.” And in some way, I got what I wanted.

Six Weeks in Washington

My journey here in the United States continues after spending six weeks in Virginia with my host university UVA/Presidential Precinct/College of William and Mary learning about civic leadership.

UN NGO Conference: Where Are the Grassroots Women?

As I sat in the UN’s General Assembly yesterday morning, I couldn’t help feeling excited. Excited to be here in this historic venue, sitting in one of the seats usually occupied by delegates from all around the world.

Financing for Development Means Financing for Education

Posted by Noel Schroeder

Women Thrive is in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia this week to attend the Third International Conference on Financing for Development.

Life at 18: Five Young Women Give Insight

In honor of education champion Malala Yousazai turning 18 this past weekend, we're asking 18-year-old women what life is like for them in th