Making gender equality a reality.


Our members have spoken - gender equality can't wait!

Over the summer, Women Thrive Alliance members launched a global campaign for gender equality, #AchieveSDG5.

#16Days - The ALVF Story

Posted by Women Thrive Alliance

Deprived of my teenage years, I experienced the life of an adult woman through an early and forced marriage when I was in 5th grade; I was 13 years old. After suffering three pregnancies, two of which were stillborn, I realized that I had been infected with HIV/ AIDS because my husband was already infected. – Sabine

#16Days - The WOCON Story

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Halima was taken out of school at age 15 when her father’s harvest went bad due to pest infestation. She was married off to pay the debt her father owed. 

Lala was denied access to education even though her younger brother was enrolled in school at age 5. Her parents told her ‘girls only need to learn how to cook, make babies, and be good wives.’ 

#16Days - The Women LEAD Nepal Story

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Each year during the 16 Days campaign, Alliance member Women LEAD Nepal teaches their LEADers (young female activists) about gender-based violence. This year they’ve provided sessions explaining the history of the 16 Days campaign, what different types of violence can look like, and how social media can be used as a tool to raise awareness about violence against women and girls. 

#16Days - The Stema Women Development Group

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Kisii is a place renowned for practicing female genital mutilation and as a girl who grew up here, I was not an exception. I cannot blame my family for making me go through this inhuman act, as society dictates it. In my culture, it was considered unclean for a girl not to go through the practice.