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Stand with Chibok Families to #BringBackOurGirls

Posted on 11.12.15

 In the dead of night on April 15, 2014, nearly 300 schoolgirls were kidnapped from their beds in Chibok, Nigeria, setting off the worldwide “Bring Back Our Girls” campaign. Today most of the girls are still missing. Each day for more than 500 days, the families of the kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls march in Nigeria's streets in the hope of spurring action to rescue their daughters.

Tell Congress to Support Women Farmers

Posted on 03.31.15

Woman farmerThe Global Food Security Act would advance women farmers’ access to resources and markets, which is key to women’s economic empowerment writ large.

Help Pass the International Violence Against Women Act

Posted on 03.31.15

Woman in Refugee CampThe International Violence Against Women Act is vital legislation to address and prevent violence against women and girls worldwide. It's currently in both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

Tell Congress to Support Grassroots Activists Against Violence

The United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women can—and has—made a difference in the lives of women around the world. Unfortunately, the United States withdrew its support for this program after 2010.

Urge President Obama to Support Quality Education for the World's Girls

Girls deserve quality education

Today, more girls than ever are in school around the world. But they aren’t always learning the knowledge and skills they need to thrive.

Urge Secretary of State John Kerry to Prioritize Reducing Violence Against Women and Girls

Secretary of State John Kerry (Photo: Creative Commons Licence)

In some countries, as many as 70 percent of women and girls experience gender-based violence. We can do better. Please sign Women Thrive's petition urging Secretary of State John Kerry to make ending gender-based violence a centerpiece of the United States' foreign assistance.

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Posted on 06.20.11

It takes all of us working together to effect meaningful change. Use the links below to spread our message to your friends and family, and help ensure that we truly help women to feed the world.

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