Because When Women Thrive, the Whole World Thrives.

Women and International Aid

International Assistance

We are working to reform our international assistance programs.

Just one percent of the entire U.S. federal budget goes toward programs to alleviate poverty worldwide—programs that are important to American interests too. Programs aimed at helping women and girls in developing countries are an even smaller part of the budget.

Investing in women worldwide is just smart, and it ensures that our investment goes that much further. That’s why Women Thrive works to reform U.S. foreign aid and international development programs and policies to amplify the voices of women and girls in developing countries.  

Together, we can change the status quo and put U.S. international aid dollars to the very best use empowering women and girls to break free of poverty, violence, hunger, and inequality.  


Chrissy Hart

Christine Hart

As Senior Manager of Policy and Government Affairs, Chrissy leads Women's Thrive's efforts on Capitol Hill and elsewhere to pass legislation like the International Violence Against Women Act, and to ensure that gender is a key piece of the United States' fiscal and foreign policy priorities.

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