Because When Women Thrive, the Whole World Thrives.

Women and World Hunger

Women farmers grow up to 80 percent of food in developing countries, but they are often stymied by limited access to land rights, markets, seeds, and more. If these women had equal access to agricultural resources as men do, as many as 150 million fewer people would go hungry.

Women Thrive advocates for policies to empower women farmers and help them feed their communities and work to end world hunger.

Together, we can change the status quo and ensure women farmers have the resources and support to end world hunger. 



Elise Young

Elise Young

With 15 years experience working with rural women farmers, Elise has unique insight on women in agriculture and their economic opportunites. As Vice President for Policy and Government Affairs, Elise also heads up strategy for all of Women Thrive's policy initiatives.

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